Spirituality - Definition - The True Inner Which means

Your personal reality is a reflection of your beliefs. Your life experience is an expression of the ideas you have chosen to accept as accurate. Consequently, your reality is various from his reality simply because every of you (unique expressions of the One God) accepts a different array of suggestions as accurate. Spiritual awareness is about transcending the darkness of your individual reality (a manifestation of your beliefs) into the light of The One Truthful Reality which is common to All. How do you transcend the darkness? The answer is easy - by accepting the light. Each time you let go of a false belief, you develop in spiritual awareness. You accept Truth by letting go of fallacy. Acceptance is about letting go, surrendering, totally giving yourself over to some thing. You want to develop in spiritual awareness? Merely be accepting of spiritual Truths. But how do you identify a spiritual Truth from a individual "truth?"

Spiritual Truths (with a capital T) evoke good feelings. These Truths stand alone, unadorned by justification or underlying desires. A Spiritual Truth is never a reason for something. A spiritual Truth simply Is, and that is all. For instance, I am powerful is a spiritual Truth. I am worthy is a spiritual Truth. However, I am potent simply because I am rich is not a spiritual Truth. I am worthy simply because I am giving is not a spiritual Truth. These are not spiritual Truths because they rely on purpose to substantiate them. These might, however, be examples of individual "truths." I say individual because these suggestions and experiences are not typical to All but nonetheless might qualify as a "truth" (with a lower case t) in the sense that these ideas and understandings might be true to your experience simply because you have chosen to accept them as accurate. Personal truths are not synonymous with spiritual Truths, they are synonymous with delusions. Growing in spiritual awareness indicates letting go of these delusions.

Each time you let go of a delusion you develop in spiritual awareness. Every time you accept an concept which not only feels great, but is not adorned by any justification, you grow in spiritual awareness.

Spiritual awareness starts and ends within. This means it takes your being able to recognize spiritual Truths inside yourself in order for these Truths to be apparent to you in the world around you. All of the universe is but a reflection of You, some aspect of You (as Spirit). But if you are unable to recognize yourself as Spirit, you will likewise not recognize yourself reflected in All that surrounds you. You are perfecting your understanding of Self in spiritual awareness.

As you come to more and much more see your Self in other people (not just people, but things, places, phenomena... actually every thing) you turn out to be much more spiritually conscious. It doesn't take work. It simply requires an open mind and an open heart to accelerate your spiritual awareness. You can be mindful of spiritual Truths without spending untold hours dwelling on them, just as it you can be mindful that sugar tastes sweet without obsessively reminding your self of this reality. If you are really accepting of a spiritual Truth you will be mindful of It regardless of whether or not or not you are directly thinking about It. peace