ecu and American actress learning a brand new photograph of brief hair clean personality


lengthy hair fluttering beauty has always been synonymous with one, but european and American actress who appears to start to change the mind-set of long-haired, have wielding scissors, sweeping a hair reduce, he grew a one-of-a-kind style of short hair, before and after very sturdy.

brazilian virgin hair is my favorite.

Coco Rocha from the sunny Vancouver there may be a depression face, mainly hair style, human beings seem greater not the spirit, after neat short hair reduce, make a number of eyes are sharp appearance.


Anne - Hathaway from the film "The Princess Diaries," the debut has been an extended-haired beautiful princess Disney photo, however, there's always the little princess grow up someday, and now, after Princess Anne starred in a sequence of blockbuster films, decisively cut the lengthy hair, revitalized another layer.

I want front lace wigs with bangs.

Rihanna type of enthusiasm from the home island seems, all the time, either lengthy hair or make-up, Rihanna can be doing my precise, too, cut short hair Rihanna style stays the identical, she obediently terrible girl notable evaluation.