I Purchased A Garbage Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag

My previous Louis Vuitton replica handbag disaster has lead me to this post. Even the best replica spotters can make a big mistake… apparently. Oh, don’t I feel like such a dummy. I analyzed everything on this replica handbag from the stitching, symmetric monograms and LV details… but I miss the giant anime smiley faces. Like who does that? Me!

Okay, that’s not something that I should admit out loud but this replica handbag, aside from the giant smiley faces could have fooled anyone – not just me. I swear. As mentioned, the monogram LV was symmetrically and didn’t cut off one. The gold knobs that most replica handbags (and authentic ones) have at the bottom also had LV on them perfectly. The stitching was perfect and never a thread loose. There was some glue on it, but naturally I thought that it was from the previous owner trying to repair her prized possession – but nope, apparently this isn’t the case.

replica louis vuitton handbag, louis vuitton replica handbagI even analyzed where the replica Louis Vuitton handbag had been ripped and the inside of it that would never been seen otherwise, also had the authentic LV on it. I mean, these replica handbags were replica Louis Vuitton crossbody bags professional at what they did. I’ll give them credit for that.

And then that damn smiley face. Seriously. If it wasn’t for that, and my boyfriend who just returned from a 6 month Asia trip, I would have legitimately believed that I had an authentic piece right in my thrifty hands. I mean, I love my replica handbags, Louis Vuitton speedy bags replica but an authentic one for an even smaller price than a replica – I was in heaven. Plus, I’ve seen cartoons looking fabulous on tons of replica Louis Vuitton handbags this season!

Then someone brought the most obvious thing to me. They said, “Who in the world would donate fake Louis Vuittonshoulderhandbags or throw away their authentic piece to a second hand store? ” Why didn’t I ask myself this when I first saw it in the Thrift store? I mean, really? Who would do that? So here I have, a damaged replica handbag. I could deal with it as a damaged authentic one, but I officially just paid for garbage.