What is the warmest clothes to wear aside from heavy coats and jackets?

Cashmere, Wool or Cotton? Please! I need answers. I'm tired of layering because it's too heavy and uncomfortable! And I live in California but since I'm hypothermic, I'm always cold! Please suggest what to wear witch the one that's really warm and still looks great! Thanks…

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Why not just buy 100% Pure Cashmere sweater of just the right size. I say cashmere, only 100% Cashmere. And good size (long and bit wider than regular) makes it easy to wear it as sweater, shawl, wrap or scarf. And also 100% Cashmere makes it possible to even fold the scarf and then put it in your daily bag.

Cashmere or fleece?

Cashmere is the best I believing, they now have become a part of the women so are getting more stylish.

They even offer a coat.

My husband is always cold – so we have done some research. It is light weight but durable and really works.

Edit to add: 100% cashmere is the most comfortable and warm. Choose trustworthy brand is particularly important.

I often choose the cashmere yarn to make clothes, because in my side is made of pure cashmere yarn factory, and after the company especially good, so is worth to recommend. If you have such a factory of course is very good. Of course, you can also through the internet, such as this cashmere-yarn.com. Hope this is helpful in choosing clothes for you when you want to find warm clothes.