Fatalities Involving Heavy Equipment

Fatalities and injuries involving heavy construction industry are some of the worst situations that can happen in any construction-related business. While the victims have complaints on their fates, insurance providers and construction companies also have their share of woes. Loss of credibility, unnecessary liability as well as additional expenses is the broadest way to describe the damage done to the business.


But injuries and accidents are inevitable especially in a field which involves a higher percentage of risk than other profession. 16 years in profession, Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents heavy machineries is not exempted in these situations. Even when their newly established branch in Jakarta, Indonesia was put to total control and supervision of the best operators and managers, they were still reported to be involved in two accidents within 7 months.


Dangers like heavy machinery, high scaffolding, trench work, and hazardous equipment are par for the course when it comes to working on construction sites.  But these hazards still don’t justify in many instances the injuries sustained in a heavy equipment accident.  In cases where a construction accident has caused you missed work and pay and countless medical bills, not to mention lost sleep and pain and suffering, you need a competent lawyer who will seek fair compensation for your losses.


An annual estimate of 404 deaths is being reported to be a product of construction issues. Among fatalities caused by vehicles and heavy equipment are road injuries, workers on foot or civilians being slammed by gigantic craters and baskets in construction areas. These accidents happen despite the sufficiency of warning signs in each corner of the site and the obvious danger visibility of being near big truck and wheel loaders.


Not only are civilians victims of mishandling and malfunction of heavy machineries. Operators and workers also suffer from the same fate. Theirs are even disabilities that stay for a lifetime.


Awkward Position is one of the ailments that operators usually from. Bending and twisting of the back is oftentimes being noticed as a common attribute to most operators. Visibility in the task is critical and often work posture or features of the seating (suspension to control whole body vibration) are compromised.