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Pool Safety Advice from a West Palm Beach Pool Maintenance Company
Pool safety includes pool water clarity, as well as measures intended to prevent drowning, injury, and other physical maladies. Much research has been done on public pool health hazards due to poorly maintained pools. You've got microbes, like E. coli, that can cause illness outbreaks. Then there are by-product contaminants caused when disinfectants react with organic and inorganic matter in the pool.
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Current disinfection practices and monitoring of pool water quality are aimed at preventing spread of microbial infections and diseases. Additional chemicals maybe present in the pool due to body excretions, lotions, etc. Then sunlight degrades pool sanitizers, and all these factors can play a role in creating a potentially more toxic substance than their parent compounds.
This does not mean we have to stop swimming altogether. A bit of prevention, a lot of maintenance, and a fair amount of oversight should keep the public swimming populace wet and happy. Here’s what various researchers and pool experts suggest.

Hygiene is a must to prevent extra contaminants in swimming pools
Preventive measures must be initiated to prevent not only DBPs but also other occurring chemicals, and recreational water illnesses. Pool owners and operators must institute pool rules like pre-swim showers, regular bathroom breaks, and non-swimming during gastro-enteric illness.
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Regular Pool Cleaning - once a week is not enough
Ensure that the pool gets the right cleaning and maintenance by hiring only licensed pool and spa cleaning companies. They are the authority when it comes to alternative and emerging treatment methods to improve pool water quality.

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Holly Colasurdo suggests scheduling at least a twice a week clean-up, or thrice for larger commercial pools. If the pool is heated, it is especially important to clean more often and the heat encourages algae growth.

Invest in a good filtration system
One major detail that needs serious consideration would be the type of pool filtration system used. That choice depends largely on size, use, cost consideration, electrical and plumbing works. Consulting with a professional would be advised.
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Keep up with the standards
Start right. Stay right. Always follow government laws and standards, after all they are intended to keep everybody safe. Stay up to date on any legislation changes and make sure things like working fences, gates, ladders, pool depth, and covered drain grates and up-to-code and are properly installed.

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches has been servicing commercial and private pools in south Florida for more than 26 years. They run a blog and host a podcast intended to educate and inform the public on all things pool-related. A recent podcast of theirs highlighted the potentially public-endangering law that may remove the authority of the Florida Department of Health from overseeing all aspects of public pool health and safety. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches joined with the Florida Swimming and Pool Association in the "Keep Pools Safe" campaign to protect the DOH's inspection authority over public pools.