ESD Gear and the Safety it Provides

Electrostatic sensitive device (ESD) garments are worn in situations where any type of electrical charge could be hazardous. Many industries have laboratories or other research facilities where ESD Uniforms are a necessity. This includes electronics and technology manufacturers. It is not enough to just ban specific types of clothing that may generate a charge, because the list of potentially hazardous clothing is extensive. Since it is often millions of dollars’ worth of equipment that can be destroyed, extreme caution is required. Even a small charge that is just a painless static shock to a human can be destructive to some types of sensitive electronic equipment.

clean room suit is able to control or stop nearly all of these charges, both through the types of materials they are constructed with and through special grounding strips added to the garments. In addition, ESD shoes help to reduce the buildup of static charges that occur through normal movement. When these are used with properly grounded ESD lab chairs, or through ESD grounding wrist straps it becomes easy for people to work comfortably without the worry of creating damaging electrostatic charges.

The other concern with this type of situation is not about reducing the static, but controlling costs and waste. Too often ESD protective clothing is disposable. This means that after one use, sometimes for only a few moments, the gear is removed and thrown away. This has caused a tremendous increase in the amount of waste being transported to landfills, as well as creating a large expense for the companies who must purchase the gear.

To eliminate this concern, re-usable ESD and contamination control apparel are now available and affordable for all companies. This sensible option makes it easy to have available garments for everyone including lab coats, tops and pants as well as coveralls, boots and much more. There is less cost, less worry about keeping items in inventory and much less waste. Disposable items can still be purchased and kept for when guests are visiting sensitive items, but the daily use of these products will no longer be necessary.

There are solutions for all industries to help make every task easier to accomplish with less worry. Companies like Uniform Technology offer all of these items as well as many other solutions that with proper use, help to keep sensitive work environments safe. With less product damage and affordable clothing options, all companies are able to increase profits and save time.