British Citizenship test

British Citizenship test:

It will be a dream for many people to live in United Kingdom. It is an undeniable fact that British are one of the beautiful and safest countries to live in the world. British citizenship is one of the ways many people love to have to live in the UK. To attain this, one should get through the British citizenship test to prove their knowledge about the life style in UK alongside their English abilities to communicate with the people.

British Citizenship is highly valued because of the benefits that incur to an individual in different parts of the world and in UK also. If the migrants are having this in their pocket, they can enjoy all the benefits and the status that is provided to UK- born citizens. Moreover the individual can work in any place and also serve the government sector in a full-fledged manner without any restrictions. Once you become a British citizen, you can feel secure and freely settle down in the country. You can bring your dependants on your visa and you will also be eligible for an UK passport. The UK passport will bring numerous opportunities to work in top places and you can also visit countries like USA and Australia without any visa.

One thing is proved, if you are having this status, you can live a royal life in British. Why because, there will not be any restrictions about your work and if you are having a good job in any sector, you will be eligible for huge loans and that will help you to acquire properties in UK. If you are planning to apply for this British citizenship then there are some policies before you become eligible for that. One of them is you should clear the British citizenship test which proves that you are having good knowledge about the life style in UK. With the present rules in 2015, the individual also should fulfil the requirement of that he/she lived in the country for about 10 long years and they have to prove their work for that 10 years.

It is a mandatory to clear this test in order to become a Briton. All these visa applications and permanent leave applications and the citizenships will be looked after by the Home office i.e. UK border agency. Their work is to check and cross verify all the documents and make sure the applications are fulfilling the requirements for the eligibility of the particular visa applied by any individual. Home office will also update their rules and regulations in their website as directed by the UK government. This particular test is a requirement by the Home office and it is a compulsion to attend the test before you file an application.

Now, everyone thinks about where we can find this test. In the web, one can find numerous websites which are offering the practice or mock tests which resemble the same test you need to clear for acquiring the British Citizenship. You can just simply register with the websites and practice the sample papers offered by these trusted websites for free. You can get an idea and information on how the real test is going to be by solving these sample papers. Generally the tests are prepared on the basis of the Home Office’s official hand book with the name “Life in the UK: A Journey to Citizenship”. In this book, if you turn to the chapter numbers 2, 3,4,5,6 you can find topics that are related to life, culture and UK practices and many more. This will help the reader to get complete knowledge about the life of UK and it becomes easy to attend and solve the questions in the British Citizenship test. The resource book will be available in the local library shops or in the online through Home office website.