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It's certainly been a long time since all the expectation of the host nation was distilled into the experience of a single player and that's a lot to handle for a 22 year old.. fitflop sito ufficialeJ. Muhaymin Salim volleyed in a superb strike in the 65th minute and two minutes later, Amy Recha tapped home Shameer Aziq's square ball to render Ignatius Ang's 69th minute strike mere consolation.While he was pleased his men created many chances, Fandi acknowleged that his side had to be more ruthless with their opportunities and also singled out fitness as a key area to work on."We'll need to fine tune our finishing," the 51 year old told the official LionsXII website after the game."We had two to three open chances in the first half which we should have buried.And Putin will have to adjust to that. And treating him well was strategically laying down a marker, was probably pretty smart. Someone should have told the draft's television analysts that.. In conclusione ci sentiamo ci consigliare il Gear a tutti coloro che sono alla ricerca di uno smartwatch bello, funzionale e, almeno attualmente, con un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo..