Selection techniques of Ms. Leisure bag(2)

The third is the button. Although it is an obscure part, compared to the zipper, it is easier to replace, so the selection should also be more carefully. Like CD package from wholesale supplier of bag in China, luggage factory wallet such will often open and close the package.


We should pay attention to the practicality of fastener selection. The fourth is plastic. When the election package, be sure to pull the various components, see whether the strong adhesive bond. Especially some of the more fashionable bags, because the good-looking style, embellishment well, it will be very attractive to the eye, but if they embellishment engagement is not very strong; it lost its special features. So I think China high-grade canvas printing bag will make customers happy for its high quality. The fifth is the fastener. Check whether the taut lines around, and whether natural bonding package. Especially in some key cases, cosmetic bags and the like will be stored relatively hard stuff bag, but pay more attention.


What’s more, bags in China traditional embroidery bags wholesale are handmade. So these products are popular when customers go to travel and they would like to use this kind of bag.