epson printer nozzle blockage

 Inkjet printer, a used to be defined as the product of household applications, more and more appear in a variety of applications.This, of course, thanks to advances in ink-jet printing technology, in the printing office for us to provide the more applications.Inkjet printers' inherent disadvantages, however, was not well solved, nozzle clogging.

  Nozzle blockage caused by many reasons, such as haven't print, or impurities, ink or nozzle wear and so on.Here is some compiled nozzle clogging solution, hope I can help you quickly ruled out fault nozzle blockage.
  A, inkjet printer ink head structure:Common for inkjet printer ink head structure mainly include ink-jet printer and the ink box of all-in-one and separate two ways, all-in-one ink head structure in ink cartridge ink exhausted, after the ink head and ink box to change together, this structure is relatively more closely, reliability is higher, but the relatively high cost;.