CM450HA-5F Mitsubishi IGBT Power Module

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Mitsubishi CM450HA-5F is the best choice to make your forklift into a high powered machine. Classified as an IGBT power module, CM450HA-5F weighs only 0.6 lbs. with a 450A collector current and 250V collector emitter.


CM450HA-5F is an insulated type, high power switching use transistor module. It is known for its superb features that are specially designed to help prevent or lessen forklifts common problems like an overheat engine, poor lift performance, and starter failures.


The module’s discrete super-fast recovery freewheel diode allows it to operate at full power without disrupting other electrical systems. The isolation of its components and interconnections from the heat sinking baseplate makes it immune from overheating issues as well.


High efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are benefits CM450HA-5F Mitsubishi IGBT module can promise to its users.