Do’s and Don’ts of Mystery Shopping

Do’s and Don’ts of Mystery Shopping

It’s important to know that working for a customer service isn’t a rocket science. Almost every individual with an eye for details can become a secret shopper with a little bit of training. A great mystery shopper will appear out of the blue. A clerk won’t even see him/her coming. He/she will be discrete and won’t draw too much attention. The point of secret shopping is to get in and get out without a visible mark or interference within a regular day at the store. On the other hand, it’s not the right job for everyone. Someone that’s loud, conspicuous, blatant and superficial isn’t the right fit for this line of duty.


Sooner or later, every employee at the store is going to have to ask their superiors what he should do about mystery shoppers. Current phenomenon of mystery shopping is a reality that business owners can’t deny. Running a business back in the old days was like a walk in the park compared to this latest rhythm of events. Owners are working under a vigilant eye of skilled professionals who protect the interest of public. Employees at the store are trying to notice any sign of a suspicious customer in order to make their move and impress him/her. Sadly for them and fortunately for the customers, that doesn’t work that way. A customer always knows best and that’s the statement that a secret shopper must defend at all costs. They’re responsible for the assessment of the situation on field and protect customer from frauds.


You are probably wondering about how mystery shoppers do it. How can they be so effective and precise? Well, it’s logical to conclude that there are certain rules for their actions. Having this in mind, we’ve constructed a list of do’s and don’ts of mystery shopping.


What a secret shopper should do?


•    Be a skilled professional. An individual has to know where to look and what to do in a case that demands action.

•    Shape an analytical mind. Walking around and looking at products won’t get you anywhere without the analytical expertise. A great mystery shopper can see all those elements that are constantly being pushed under the rug.

•    Time management. Get inside the store, browse for a couple of minutes, find out the most important things and get out.

•    It’s all about working incognito. Employees can suspect, but they can’t blow your cover.


What a secret shopper shouldn’t do?


•    Be ignorant and superficial. Nothing makes sense if a person’s unable to identify the presence of faulty goods or some major problems at the store. On the other hand, walking out of the store without paying close attention to the quality of products is a crime of a highest level in this line of work

•    Be distinctive and conspicuous. A person that’s working undercover has to keep a low profile at all times. Body language and a distinctive way of talking can reveal your goal.

•    Being too dramatic and theatrical. You can’t let your feelings show. You should keep it all in even if you’re disgusted by something or enthusiastic about a great deal.


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