Allsmartlife HDMI Cable

HDMI usb to micro hdmi cable is a digital video/audio signal format which, since its introduction just a few years ago, has taken the home theater world by storm. As one might expect from a standard that was developed more to serve the content providers than to aid the consumer, HDMI has presented a few problems. Unlike analog component video, the signal is not robust over distance because it was designed to run balanced when it should have been run unbalanced (SDI, the commercial digital video standard, can be run hundreds of feet over a single coax without any performance issues); the HDMI cable is a complicated rat's-nest arrangement involving nineteen conductors; switches, repeaters and distribution amplifiers for use with HDMI cable, by virtue of this complicated scheme, are made unnecessarily complicated and troublesome; and the HDMI cable plug is prone to falling out of the jack with the slightest tug. On the plus side, in the great majority of simple installations, HDMI works trouble-free, and its "one-cable" approach to home theater interconnection has simplified the process of setting up most equipment racks.

BJC Belden Bonded-Pair HDMI Cable:

HDMI is a fragile interface, not least because of the difficulties of manufacturing twisted-pair HDMI cable to the fine tolerances required to handle the extraordinary bandwidth requirements of the HDMI signal. To overcome those difficulties, we sought the help of Belden, the world's technology leader in communications cable products, and we asked Belden to use its patented, exclusive Bonded-Pair technology to build us an HDMI cable with extraordinary impedance stability and low skew. The result is a pair of products: the BJC Series-1 23.5 AWG HDMI Cable, and the BJC Series-FE 28 AWG HDMI Cable. These are the only HDMI cables on the market incorporating bonded-pair technology; they are also the only HDMI cable stocks made here in the United States -- in Monticello, Kentucky and Richmond, Indiana. While economic and practical constraints have required us to have connectorization and final assembly done in China, both the Series-1 HDMI cable and the Series-FE HDMI cable are, on a cost basis, well over 50% average U.S.-manufactured content, unlike our competitors' HDMI cables, which (despite, in some cases, careful attempts to avoid the point) are manufactured entirely in China from start to finish. Both versions of this HDMI cable are compatible with all versions of the HDMI specification, as further detailed below. If you're interested in the question of HDMI 2.0 compliance, seeĀ our article on this subject.

Allsmartlife High Speed Mini HDMI Cable with Ethernet - 3D and 4K


High Speed Mini HDMI Cable with Ethernet - 3D and 4K

1, Center conductor: high quality digital signal delivered by oxygen-free copper

2, Insulation: Using foamed PE as the insulation, ensure image quality and transmit image signal with stability.

3, Inner shield:100% Aluminum/Mylar foil shield, prevent high frequency noises and interference

4, Outer shield:95% copper braid shield, prevents most low frequency noises and interference.

5, function: suitable for HDTV, home theater, DVD player,projector,PS3,XBOX 360 PS4 ,XBOX ONE and other HDMI devices.

6, High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI

7, Transfer speed: 10.5Gbps

8, connectors: 24K gold-plated to ensure superior signal transfer and lifetime of maximum performance


Voltage:DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

Insulation Resistance:10M min