6DI15S-050 Fuji Power Transistor Module

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Fuji 6DI15S-050 is the power transistor module you need to boost the performance capacity of your AC motor controls. This high DC current gain module weighs 5.34 lbs. with a collector current amount of 15A and collector emitter of 600V.


One of best things you can get from 6DI15S-050 is its unique ability in cranking up any AC motor controller’s vector algorithm. This allows the motor control to generate optimal efficiency and maximum torque across the whole speed range. Furthermore, it’s free-wheeling diode feature helps the module to eliminate flyback, which is a common issue in today’s AC motor controls. The module’s high quality insulation and sophisticated design are also some of its best qualities.


With 6DI15S-050 Fuji power transistor module, expect your AC motor controls to evolve into an efficient, durable, and cost-effective device.