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+ drd7of14 on August 24th, 2015 at 10:22 am said:

Sweet month for the VITA! Looking forward to Teslagrad and Super Time Force Ultra with the crossbuy in the future as well, but Ill try them out on my PS4 when I have time. For all of those who havent tried out Twisted Metal, prepare to be amazed! That game is such a blast, and has a hard as heck campaign at some points, even with a splitscreen coop buddy.

Always like when these great multiplayer games get a 2nd coming, cause that only means well have more people playing for the first time on the servers. Its good for everyone. Ill be jumping back in to see you guys there.

-Sidenote, this game would be amazing if ported to the VITA, while maintaining the fantastic framerate, but the PS4 could definitely handle the FPS, and more so.

Give it a graphics bump, and some new features, and people would go crazy for it. It may be a niche genre, car-combat, but with a proper publicized release, it can do way better. <3 David Jaffe!

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