Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Get Around Town

People whod like to limit their impact on the environment by minimizing the amount of time they use their car have a number of different options for getting around town, each with their own pros and cons.

Walking or Biking

One of the most environmentally-friendly options is walking or biking. However, this can take quite some time if a person is going any distance and requires that a person is relatively physically fit. Not everyone wants to arrive at their destination all sweaty, and biking requires a place to safely store the bike once a person gets where theyre going. Both of these options can help people reach their weight-loss goals and help people increase their physical fitness level, which most other environmentally-friendly modes of transportation cant do.

Use Public Transportation

Another option is to take public transportation if its available and goes where you need to go. This isnt always an option, however, and the schedules may not suit everyones needs even when it is available. It is relatively affordable, however, and less polluting than taking your own car. This is the best choice for people going relatively long distances or needing to travel along highways or very busy roads where walking or biking may not be safe or feasible.

Motorized Scooters

One of the newer alternatives is to take some type of motorized scooter thats rechargeable. This could be a Segway scooter, but these take up a lot of space, are too heavy for many people to carry and can be quite expensive. However, its now possible to get a high-quality two wheel balance scooter, called the smart balance wheel, from https://deska.co. The Best Smart Balance Wheel is small, consisting of a platform on wheels thats about the size of a skateboard, making it easy to store. Its also relatively light, weighing in at around 30 pounds, so most people could easily carry it when necessary. It does take some getting used to, as it doesnt have any handlebars to hold onto. Movement is controlled by tilting the body slightly in the direction you want to go. These scooters charge in a couple hours, and each charge lasts for about 10 miles. They cant go over high curbs or large bumps, but can travel easily over smaller bumps or sticks in their path. This type of transportation can be a fun way to travel from place to place without overexerting yourself.