What Is Stand out About Jennifer Lopez perfume

Because I know Jennifer Lopez is multi-talented, I gave her first jlo glow perfume, "Glow" a chance. Ladies, young and old, do yourselves a big favor and invest in this divine smell!

I think you will really loved this jennifer lopez fragrances b/c i do. This is my favourite cologne! i'm the kind of girl that does not like "strong, heavy" scents like Chanel No.5 and what older women choose to wear. not saying that Chanel aromas bad, but it's not the things i'm into. I really like to smell sweet and girly. I notice when you wear sweet types compared to the heavy stuff people usually ask what are you using? So if you have the same choices as me you are going to enjoy this. J Lo definitely offers good quality. As j.lo described its fragrance (in a press conference), it truly is "fresh, soapy, sexy, clean." the best way to sum this fragrance is, it features a sweet. Before this became available, this is actually the smell i always aspired to smell like: sweet but not too sweet, and not overempowering; just lighting and natural. The bottle is lovely! so sexy and stylish like j.lo herself. It's this diamond necklace while you look at it, it really making you feel as if you're a star. it really is good, try it out!

Not overpowering... excellent when you wish to smell nice although not scare anyone. I could use it while not having to be worried about it becoming overpowering in which people walk away. Now people will come up to me and during the talk says wow just what are you using. Enough said.

I love using jennifer perfume to work in warmer weather. This has to be a classic scent. Just don't apply a lot simply because it can be strong! I get migraines from plenty of colognes, but this was is nice. I'd highly recommend it.

I absolutely love this odor. I first got it more than 6 years ago, and it's continue to my favorite parfum despite the a lot of I've got throughout the years. It is pleasant, well-balanced, but has a great style that will fit any special occasion or mundane day. I think it's great!

Needless to say every single perfume smells different on each individual a result of the pheromones involved, but even I really like how it odors on me. Occasionally you become so familiar with the scent which you don't even smell which you're still wearing it. However, another compliment will come in and help remind me that I have it on. I plan on stocking up since this is a parfum which i want during my life always. Love Glow by j lo live perfume (and mainly just the original, not the spin offs)!

J.Lo perfume is the perfect aroma for work as it's not an over powering scent. It has a light and airy aroma to it and smells excellent on almost everybody. To get a 3.4 ounces spray bottle, J Lo perfume is a reasonably charged cologne and will come in a fancy bottle that I just adore.