Do It Yourself Wedding Receptions by Bobbie Hamilton

A do it yourself wedding receptions can ease the stress caused by overspending on your wedding. They offer a way to personalize the event and make it truly your own. What is involved in this venture? Well, a reception will require food, centerpieces, favors, entertainment, music, drinks, and clean-up when its all over.

First of all you have to choose the setting. Assuming that your budget has already been determined, you can choose between several inexpensive ways to go. Weather permitting, a park, a beach, or the attractive yard of your home or a friends would be lovely. Possibly you could hold it at someones home, if there is ample room for seating. The club house in your subdivision is another option.

But the list goes on. A hall in a church, veterans group or fraternal organization provides great options. Many restaurants have large banquet rooms available. An option on the higher end would be a hotel or country club function room.

Next you have to deal with food. Restaurants, hotels, etc. can get really pricey, so you may want to consider other alternatives. When using a rented hall, you can often bring in your own caterer, use theirs, or get a group of volunteers to prepare the food, either at the hall or by bringing it in already cooked. For the at home wedding receptions, why not have a casual barbecue type outdoor party? You can also step outside the box and do a picnic at the park or the beach.

Remember all the extras that go into creating memorable wedding receptions. Invitations can be made on your computer, or sent online through e-vite. Wedding favors can be easily made by you and your friendslook up ways to do it online. The centerpieces can be simple and original, and are also found online. For toasting glassesa matched set of stemware with a ribbon tied around the stem is all you need.

Dont forget the wedding cake. This might be something you want to have made professionally, unless you are lucky enough to know someone with that kind of talent. However, you can also rent the tiers and decorate them with flowers and cupcakes, with a very small single layer at the top to hold the bride and groom and give you something to cut. A pretty knife with a bow on it works well for cutting the cake.

Music can be provided by a DJ or a volunteer friend (make sure you give them a list of songs you want played), or you can use an iPod or even burn some CDs and just have someone switch them now and then.

Photographs can be very costly when you hire a professional photographer. Leaving disposal cameras on each table will net you all kinds of candid shots for a minimal cost. But chances are that someone you are inviting is an amateur photographer and will be happy to take the formal photos for you. If youre lucky, someone will record the wedding service with a video camera!

Always check the internet if you are stuck for ideas or resources. There are hundreds of sites out there that can help you with your do it yourself wedding receptions!

To your beautiful wedding!