Consultation Nutrition: How to Increase Weight Loss safety For Thin Man

Ideal weight would be a dream of many people. Because besides the more pleasing to the eye, is also simple enough to find clothes that suit. Well, some people who have a thin body wishes to add its weight from getting too skinny. The actual way the heck do I nutritional?

Questions about how to increase the weight for someone which skinny become one of many most asked questions in the Nutrition Consultation throughout 2014. As experienced Rida Meilany (17). I have a problem with burden. My body cungkring. 3 meals a day, rarely nyemil, rarely exercise also. What should I do to lbs quickly?

Leona Victoria Djajadi MND, Nutrition Consultation detikHealth caregivers, says if you to help raise the weight should be diligent eating and munching. Well, the food menu every meal should contain protein and carbohydrates. Snacks consumed too should contain high protein and calcium, like nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts), seeds such as sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, soy products, as well as milk and other similar products.

"Full cream milk or yogurt is applied because you requirement to fatten the body, as well being a handful of nuts or a sandwich," said nutritionist who graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, this.

According to Victoria, exercise also might be a person who is fattening the body shape. Without exercise, all the calories in and absorbed coming from the body will accumulate into fat. Though desirable is the of muscle.

In addition, sleep deficiency factor can also make a person difficult to put on weight. It is certainly different from people who just cannot sleep, but among eating or snacking continues, it result in obesity.

"During sleep, you'll find growth hormone (growth hormone) which it released the body. Thus, much of the growth and regeneration occurs while sleeping. On the contrary, if not sleep, growth hormone is so not easy to remove and difficult body to grow," said Victoria.

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