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Basketball is a great sport and it's easy to learn about. The basics can be picked up in just a few minutes. But there's still a lot to learn, and thee tips can help you get there.

Make sure you are dribbling the right way. Proper dribbling technique involves use of the fingertips, not the palm of the hand. This gives you the best ball control. Bounce the ball no higher than your waist and keep the ball at your side rather than in front. Keep your head up and do not look at the ground.

Free throws have a huge mental element to them. Your body can be trained to make free throws, but your mind has to be focused on success if you want to make the basket. Relax yourself and focus on the hoop.

Do not practice by playing against the zone defense. Learn how to play a man-to-man defense and a zone defense to get the best understanding of how the game works. You might lose your control of the court if the other team use this technique, unless you are ready for this possibility.

Keeping your fingers spread wide is important for holding onto the ball. This gives you better control of the ball. In addition, keep your palm off of the ball. Only your fingers should touch it during a pass or when dribbling.

Do your free throw shooting the same way every time. Whatever you do before each shot, from dribbles to body motions, should be the same each time. This routine will help you make your free throws, but make the routine a quick one.

Focus on your footwork and your core strength in your workouts. Your body will maintain balance and move more quickly when your core muscles are strong. Give your hips, buttocks, back and stomach a workout. Jump rope can be used to speed up your feet.

If you're injured when playing basketball, don't push through the pain. This is a physically challenging game, so you may end up hurt much worse. Being tough is one thing, but playing through injury can only harm you even further and make the problem much worse. Be sure to talk to a doctor if you feel that the injury isn't going away.

Try practicing looking in the opposite direction when you pass. Doing this is a great way to confuse your opponents. When you do it right, the opponents are going to think you're moving in one direction. That way, the person you've given the ball to has a bit of time to look at the net to taking a shot. When executed properly, this is a powerful play.

Practice drills that force you to get the basketball to the other end of the court in less than 5 dribbles. This initially seems undoable, but it helps build speed and stride. This helps give your team the advantage, and allows you to drive the center.

To increase your basketball playing abilities, consider strength training exercises. Stamina and physical strength are required for basketball excellence. It can help young kids get the exercise they need. As they grow a bit older, they can add free weights to their strengthening routine. During the adult years, strength training is vital to keeping on-court performance at a high level.

To be a good dribbler, and a more versatile player, you have to develop not only your dominant hand but your weaker side as well. When you are ambidextrous, you'll be a better player. Immobilize your dominant hand by tying it behind your back, then practice using your other hand for everything. Your weak hand will soon develop better dribbling skills.

A good way to stay defensive is to have a defensive stance. To do this, avoid lurching or stepping across the floor; instead use smaller, shuffling steps to move with your opponent. Never cross your feet and your opponents will find you a difficult player.

Strength and flexibility training can help your skills in basketball. When you play basketball you need a lot of stamina and strength to keep going through the entire game. Even little kids who play basketball will develop more overall body strength. Use weights when they get older. When you get to be an adult is when you want to concentrate on strength training to help improve durability on the court.

Basketball is enjoyed by people from all different backgrounds. Knowledge is what makes or breaks a player. Use the information in this article to see how much better basketball can be.

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