Advice from Rich Leger Laguna Beach: Know Your Options!

Rich Leger Laguna Beach has one vital piece of advice to offer to those who are behind in their mortgage payments and living in constant fear of foreclosure. That advice is, quite simply, to know what options are available to you. Though it may feel like there is no hope and no choices, that is almost never true.

Rich Leger Laguna Beach does concede that, in some cases, foreclosure or the loss of one’s home may be inevitable. Even then, however, he advises selling the home before it can actually be foreclosed upon and while there is still some hope for a profit, no matter how small.

Rich Leger Laguna Beach also wants to drive home the importance of contacting your lender the moment you miss a payment or discover that you are going to miss one. Though lenders are often looked at as “the bad guy,” Rich Leger Laguna Beach explains that they are actually a fount of knowledge and will be able to present to you all of your different options.

Some lenders, for example, may be able to offer short payoffs, refinancing, assumptions, and other options that can help to stave off foreclosure and get you back on track with your mortgage payments.

Furthermore, even though it often gets a bad rap, there is also bankruptcy, which does temporarily harm the credit but which can also save a person’s home from entering into foreclosure.