English ArcheAge Skillcalculator

Quite a few members with the german guild "Impact" and one member on the Archeage-online.de local community have served to develop it. Starting from programming, via information collection, to translate, edit and regulate. Now, a skillcalculator is developed, which ought to be very precise. Remind, that we make no assurance that it is flawlessly and when you recognize issues, you might report it below, inside our Discussion board, or via PN to me, so we can easily enhance the expertise calculator and in addition hold him as many as date.

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We'll also equip this calculator with specialists who update the trees soon after every patch, so it can be not simply the latest, it truly is also also the newest calculator that even defeat the Russian and Korean calculators.


Also, you will find reference values ??within the variety of foundation problems, mana price tag, scaling and vary. These values ??are depending on a amount 50 character that is bare and unskilled. The harm price of the talent is calculated in the specified Base harm introducing the scaling (assault electrical power or spell power) and, at times, the combo. When you pick your 3rd tree, the inoffical korean-translated classname is deployed.


The Skillcalculator is optimized for Firefox and Chrome. If you use IE there may possibly take place mistakes.


This Skillcalculator is usually a local community project and it has been emerged in cooperation of some Impact Users and members of your AAO community. All contained informations inside the skillcalculator are translated from the korean variation.


All values ??are according to a character on level fifty without passive techniques or tools (naked unskilled character).


We give no assure for precision and completeness with the provided informations!


The essential construction on the planner continues to be taken above from AA-O to save lots of time also to location a higher emphasis over the translation.


I do actually hope you love.