How to Troubleshoot Navigation Systems

Troubleshoot the navigation system for your car. Many vehicles come with navigation systems or aftermarket systems can easily be installed. There are common problems that occur with all systems. Many problems are fixable by the owner as only a few issues require professional repair. Successfully fixing any issues with the navigation system will require knowledge. If the user understands how the system works then he will know where to look for the cause of the problem. The mute button may have been accidentally pushed. Ensure that the mute button is off and that the volume is turned up launch x431 v plus. Check that the antenna is properly plugged into the system if there is no GPS reception. Many times the reception is related to the vehicles position,particularly when surrounded by tall buildings autel mx-sensor. Move the vehicle. If the reception does not change no matter where the car is,then contact the manufacturer. If it does not appear,contact the manufacturer. 7 Make sure that the cell phone can work with the system if the Bluetooth is not working. Many times the Bluetooth simply is not connected. If it is hard to find the serial port for Bluetooth,check the manual or contact the manufacturer.
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