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As microRNA silencing processes are mediated through the protein Argonaute two and for target RNA binding only a quick sequence etc at the microRNA's 5' finish (seed area) is important, we report a novel inhibitor class: the microRNA-specific Argonaute 2 protein inhibitors that not merely block this quick recognition sequence but additionally bind towards the protein's lively website. We created a model for rational drug style and design, enabling the identification of Argonaute 2 lively internet site binders and their linkage by using a peptideinhibitor manufacture nucleic acid sequence (PNA), which addresses the microRNA of interest. The made inhibitors focusing on microRNA-122, a hepatitis C virus drug target, had an IC50 of a hundred nM, 10-fold more lively than the very simple PNA sequence (IC50 of 1 mu M), giving evidence that the approach has probable. As a result of their lower molecular excess weight, these inhibitors may well present much better pharmacokinetic properties than reported oligonucleotide inhibitors, enabling them for possible therapeutic CSF-1R use.