NDT tests have been carried out on MPW welded

NDT tests have been carried out 'DZNep' on MPW welded specimens to identify bonding defects in the weld in order to provide an indication of the weld quality. Water leak tests and Helium leak tests have shown that MPW is able to produce hermetic seals (Shribman, 2008). Ultrasonic testing (UT) allows one to search flaws and cracks and determine joints with deficient bonding. UT detects flaws and discontinuity by capturing high DZNep reflected sound waves from the defects and transforming it into an electrical signal. However virus method has not gained much popularity to find flaws in pulse welded joints due to the associated problems (Broeckhove and Willemsens, 2010 and Verstraete et?al., 2011). Computerised Tomography (CT) is an advanced radiographic technique useful in detecting internal defects and internal structures of the object under consideration. CT has already been successfully used to study the wavy pattern of explosive welded joints. Fig. 19 shows a pulse welded joint put under CT test.