Characterization of changes in G sin

Despite the positive relationship between NSRP and temperature for the Rediset®-modified PG 64 samples, Fig. 8(c) and (d) reveal that AICAR the NSRP values of the PG 76 samples decreases as temperature increases, irrespective of aging conditions. It indicates that the values of G*/sin (δ) of Rediset®-modified PG 76 are lower than the control PG 76 (without Rediset®) with increasing temperatures. For example, the NSRP of the unaged PG 76 incorporating 3% Rediset® at 70 °C is 0.80, which is 20% lower than the NSRP of the PG 76 control binder. Therefore, Rediset® reduces G*/sin (δ) of the PG 76 samples as temperature rises. This phenomenon is consistent with results reported by Xiao et al. (2012). They also found that Rediset® reduced G*/sin (δ) of some PG 76 samples supplied from one particular source, while asthma increased G*/sin (δ) for samples from other sources. As a result, the relationships between NSRP and temperature for Rediset®-modified binders depend on asphalt type for each aging condition and Rediset® contents.