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Fig. 3. Comparison of N-ZnO/ZSP performances at different N-ZnO content in photocatalytic removal of EBT.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
4. Conclusions
The preliminary photocatalytic results reported in this NVP-BHG712 study clearly indicate the promoting effect induced by the preparation method and the use of a photoactive support on the photocatalytic performances. The removal of organic dyes, such as EBT, thus takes advantages by the use of composite photocatalysts based on N-ZnO and ZnS-based luminescent microparticles (phosphors). This photocatalyst formulation increased the photoreaction rate and resulted in lower required residence times in photocatalytic water purification.
Life cycle assessment; Gasification; Pyrolysis; Combustion; Energy-from-waste technology
NomenclatureAPCair pollution controlAPPadvanced plasma powerFP–Cfast pyrolysis with combustionG–Plgasification–plasma processG–SCgasification with secondary high temperature oxidation of the syngasIBAincineration bottom ashIWMintegrated waste managementLCAlife cycle assessmentMSWmunicipal solid wasteRDFrefuse-derived fuel