Does Brake Fluid Need to Be Changed?

Shifting brake fluid can be a slippery subject matter. Some producers consist of it in their servicing schedules and others do not.

Mercedes-Benz, for example, claims brake fluid should be replaced each and every two several years or twenty,000 miles, and Volkswagen says that should be done on most of its models every two several years no matter of mileage. Subaru endorses new brake fluid every single thirty,000 miles.

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On the other hand, most Chevrolets can go one hundred fifty,000 miles or 10 a long time, according to Chevy's maintenance schedule, and numerous Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles don't checklist brake fluid as a typical maintenance item.

Check out your car's owner's guide to see what the manufacturer suggests. You may possibly also want to discuss the slippery subject matter of brake fluid with a trusted mechanic if the company does not give any advice. Don't be surprised if a mechanic suggests replacing the brake fluid periodically, simply because mechanics almost certainly have seen what can take place if you really don't.

What can take place? Even however brake fluid dwells in a sealed technique it still can take in humidity in excess of time, and that can lead to corrosion in the brake technique. Dampness also lowers the boiling temperature of brake fluid, and that can lessen braking effectiveness in recurring challenging stops.

If the company lists a ten-year interval or none at all for replacing brake fluid, how frequently ought to you have it carried out?

Every two or three years is possibly too often, although if it assists you rest at night, then go for it. Just be informed that some service outlets, specifically these that make their living by changing fluids, may attempt to scare you with dire warnings that catastrophe is imminent until you flush all your vehicle's fluids long prior to it is necessary.

Until the producer phone calls for it faster, we would wait around four or five years and have it done at the identical time as other brake work, this kind of as replacing pads or rotors. Changing brake fluid is more affordable than replacing brake traces or a learn cylinder that has corroded, so really don't instantly dismiss the advice of a mechanic as just salesmanship.

And no make a difference who indicates clean brake fluid, make positive they're changing it with the kind that is known as for by the motor vehicle company. Some autos call for DOT three fluid, others a diverse assortment, this sort of as DOT five, so seek advice from your owner's handbook prior to you give the go forward.

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