Learned to dance in conjunction with LED show Square Dance

July 27 morning, came for the capital Qiu Pingyi Community Cultural Plaza, a new LED(vms trailer) electronic show in to the writer's vision.

Chinese Qiu communities secretary Sun far sincerely say:. "Since the Terrific screen installed on people's lives is usually a significant influence over the villagers generally spare time and spend attention to agricultural expertise above to modify weather information and facts, as well as many different recreational activities widespread sense, it for farmers' production and living, and numerous cultural and sports activities aid a good deal. "

"This year I learned to dance the square dance, is from the 'Big TV' come to college." Director of Ladies in the town-owned Xiuxia Qiucun he said happily. When Xiuxia named "big TV" was in fact a 20 m2 significant LED complete color display, that is owned outdoor distance education web-sites Qiu neighborhood set within the cultural plaza. Because the electronic screen constructed, every day soon after dinner to watch agricultural technology, wealth of info and know-how in the neighborhood folks Square Dance flooded. When Xiuxia said: "With this 'big TV' is equivalent to 'full-time expert' to visit the front of our property, it was so simple!"(highway sign)

It can be reported that, in line together with the county's "Beautiful countryside building" operations, as of now, the town has set up a number of LED electronic screen, the town benefit from large-scale outside LED show technologies to carry out practical, rich facts, square dancing as well as other types of training activities , benefit the masses of more than six,000 folks. Now in Bianqiao Zhen, a increasing number of the people today by indicates of LED show that "the door from the teacher", broaden their horizons, finding out several different practical know-how, LED show come to be the town, "the stunning countryside construction" in action a tapestry.