Mosley vs. Mayorga II Live Stream

The Legend Returns as Shane Mosley begins his comeback as he seeks another world title as he faces battle-tested Ricardo Mayorga in a rematch live from The Forum in Los Angeles. watch mosley vs mayorga 2 live stream

Well, this is happening. I'll be watching it on the pay-per-view and everything. I'm cautiously optimistic that even though it's a couple of shot fighters in the main event in a rematch that doesn't mean much of anything at all, quite frankly, it could still be a pretty entertaining fight. Mayorga's resolve has really lessened since Oscar De La Hoya beat the stuffing out of him, and that was over nine years ago now. Mosley hasn't fought in almost two years and looked pretty lousy against Anthony Mundine before he was stopped on an injury after six rounds. He's won just one time since beating Antonio Margarito in January 2009. So this is a show mosley vs mayorga headlined by a guy who's won a single fight in the last six and a half years and a guy who hasn't fought a real opponent in four and a half years (when Miguel Cotto wiped out Mayorga). There are no stakes here, really, but if they bring the action, that's all anyone will care about. BLH will have live coverage. Boxing is no more unusual to multi fight contentions, with a percentage of the sport's best activity coming in rematches, elastic matches and even the incidental tetra logy.

Watch here:

Most rematches tend to come rapidly after the introductory fight, while both contenders are still in their primes and bode well as adversaries.