ESL - How to Study English Effectively

English can be one of the easiest languages to learn but those early stages of trying to get a grasp of the language can be difficult, especially if your attention span tends to drift away from the normal methods of learning a new language. However, don’t worry because there are some great ways that you can study English effectively that go outside the normal ways of learning that you might find more manageable and comfortable to learn.


Some of these ways will help you warm up and others will provide a strong backbone in your learning curve, either way give them a try and see if you benefit from these exercises.


Activating Your Vocabulary

If you have an up and coming project where you need to study and focus on shopping at the grocery store then it’s a good idea to take some time out and think back to your last experience at the grocery store.


Ask yourself, what did you buy, who did you see, was there anything out of the ordinary?


Just by prompting yourself with a selection of questions you will already be warming your brain up and preparing yourself to tackle a new vocabulary that gets thrown your way.


Activating Your Grammar

The second thing on your list in studying English effectively when you are taking your TESOL certification online, is to warm up on your grammar, and again this works in much the same way as your vocab does. If you are about to start a project on something that you are going to be doing in the future, such as a summer vacation then start thinking about that.


Ask yourself, where are you going? What are you going to do when you are there?


These questions will focus your mind on speaking in the future tense, and aid you in studying English grammar in detail.


Find Some English Friends

Our third and final tip is to find English friends, or those studying the same topics as yourself. This way you will get to talk, engage and practice tasks together and have full blown conversations in English. This by far will be the best way for you to really pick up the English language and as you learn from others, they will learn from you and you will soon find how quickly you are advancing in your project and goal of being able to speak fluent English.