Why is fiber laser chiller required to provide two independent cooling

For example.
4,000W 970nm laser head, with driver (includes power supply and controller plus software). Laser head is optically terminated with a QBH-compatible fiber optic module and supplied with a 100μm fiber with QBH termination.
Therefore, the chiller is required to provide two independent cooling.
S&A dual pump& dual temperature chiller is satisfied with fiber laser cooling demand, which has two independent cooling water loop, one is for fiber laser device, another is for QBH connector.

Generally speaking, cooling 500W fiber laser, we recommend dual pump & dual temperature chiller CW-6100AT; cooling 1000W fiber laser, dual pump &dual temperature chiller CW-6200AT is fit to it.

CW-6100AT details: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW6100ATdualt.html


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