How to solve the S&A thermolysis type chiller CW-3000 alarm

When the water chiller CW-3000 alarm, the red light will be on and the buzzer alarm sounds. There are some reasons:
1.    The circulating water loop is blocked. Pls blow the water loop by air-gun, then change the cooling water;
2.    Water shortage alarm. Pls add cooling water into the tank, and make sure the cooling water level in the green area of the water level gauge;
3.    The circulating pump failure. Pls contact the manufacturer to replace the circulating pump;
4.    The cooling water temperature over 60℃. Pls keep the chiller in good ventilation and away from other heat machine. Furthermore, there must be at least 30cm from obstructions to the air outlet which is in the back of the chiller, and should leave at least 8cm between obstructions and the side air inlet.
chiller CW-3000




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