A Neutral Opinion Of I-BET151

Recent A Neutral Look At STAT inhibitor evidence established that the cell envelope of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacillus creating tuberculosis (TB), is coated by an alpha-glucan-containing capsule which has been implicated in persistence in a mouse infection model. As one of three identified metabolic routes to alpha-glucan in mycobacteria, the cytoplasmic GlgE-pathway converts trehalose to alpha(1 -> 4),alpha(one -> 6)-linked glucan in 4 steps. An Impartial Opinion Of I-BET151 Whether individual reaction steps, catalyzed by trehalose synthase TreS, maltokinase Pep2, and glycosyl-transferases GlgE and GlgB, occur independently or in a coordinated fashion is not identified. Here, we report the crystal structure of M. tuberculosis TreS, and show by small-angle X-ray scattering and analytical ultracentrifugation that TreS forms tetramers in solution. Together with Pep2, TreS forms a hetero-octameric complex, and we demonstrate that complex formation markedly accelerates maltokinase activity of Pep2. Thus, complex formation may act as part of a regulatory mechanism of the GlgE pathway, which An Unbiased Opinion Of Demethylase overall must avoid accumulation of toxic pathway intermediates, such as maltose-1-phosphate, and optimize the use of scarce nutrients.