PM300CBS060 Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module

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PM300CBS060 is the best Mitsubishi IPM (Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module) to upgrade your inverters. PM300CBS060 is a flat based type insulated package module that weighs only 1.5 lbs. It has a collector emitter amount up to 600V and with 300A collector current.


PM300CBS060 uses the latest diode engineering algorithm, which is expected to get soft reverse recovery characteristics. It adopts 4th generation IGBT chip, in which performance is greatly improved, compared to old-fashioned chips.


PM300CBS060 has a unique protection against overcurrent, short-circuit, over-temperature & under-voltage. It also features an acoustic noise-less 30kW class inverter application. This means, an inverter integrated with this PM300CBS060 works with minimal noise.


Mitsubishi PM300CBS060 is cost-effective and ensures high efficiency to boost the performance of your inverters, as well as unmatched reliability to last longer than any other devices. So if you’re looking for the best module to upgrade your inverter, we are here!