The Touching Love Story of Natalia and Rick by

As the leading on-line dating site in the world, receives numerous romantic love stories that touch out hearts. The famous website just shared the love story of Natalia and Rick which is both inspirational and moving. Rick resides in Texas, USA and Natalia resides in Sevastopol.

Both Rick and Natalia registered with Anastasia Date because they wanted to find real love in the most popular on-line dating site
. They met in the course of searching for single and suitable companions on the web site. Rick made the first move by sending Natalia a short but nice message which she responded to positively as she had a nice impression of the man. A series of letters where they shared their hobbies, ideas, plans, likes and dislikes followed after the initial contact.

As time flew by, they became very attracted to each other and it was apparent that they could find success as a couple. Rick wanted to meet his wife-to-be in person so he flew to Sevastopol. According to the details shared by the couple on, there was immediate chemistry the second they saw each other. Due to the support of, the personal encounter was so amazing and when Rick went back to Texas, he decided that he finally found his dream girl.

After the initial encounter, they continued to communicate with each other and when Rick flew back to Natalia, it was to bring her home with him to Texas. They got married shortly after and began living a terrific life. According to Natalia, Rick helped her and never gave up even if there were troubles in the early stages caused by differences in language and culture. In addition to continuously being a supportive spouse to Natalia, Rick is also her best friend.

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