Excellent hollow bar in the world

As the best manufacturer of anchoring products,Sinorock has enjoyed a great popularity around the world.Equiped with advanced rock bolt production lines and accessories processing machine,professional research and development group,and a range of rock bolt testing equipments,Sinorock has aslo enjoyed a top level judgement in abroad.
Hollow bar is the main product of Sinorock,which consists of anchor nut,anchor plate,anchor coupler,drill bit,centralizer and hollow anchor bar can be cut and lengthened by coupling on diffierent demands.With the instruction of of new technologies,our hollow bar has been used in a comprehensive way,as a result,it has gained a great many praise and appreciation from our various clients.
There are different kinds of hollow bar,include self drilling hollow bars,stainless hollow bars,duplex coating hollow bars,fiberglass anchor bolts,friction bolts.And I will introduce some of their characteristics in the following.
The first type is hollow steel bar,which is espiecially designed for various complex soil conditions,such as weak rocks,loose soil,weathered layer and sand with stone layer.In comparison with traditional method,the unconsolidated soil condition is more suitable and valid to install the self drilling hollow bar.Espiecially suits to the ground that needs to be further improved or stablilized in the procession of installation.
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