Textured Wrinkle Appearances Are Much Easier To Grasp

The wonders of technology surround us all the time from cell phones and touch screens to PCs and GPS units. Yet what is more intriguing is the high-tech that goes into all the items we take for granted - the handle on the stairs of the subway that you hold as you board, the small buttons on your vehicle's sound system that allow you to switch the stations and even the slick surface on our non-stick cookware. Every one of those everyday objects have been built and specially coated with an industrial coating of some kind.

Yet, if you question the average man about town about PTFE coating or Xylan coating, you will receive blank stares. While most folks don't realize they exist, take a look at a few of the uses for industrial coatings in everyday situations:

Medical Instruments
Tools for surgery, needles and diagnostic equipment are frequently coated with a nylon agent to keep them from corroding while they come in contact with blood and harmful chemicals.

Thousands of Little Parts
The hundreds of connectors and wing nuts that make up your household appliances, your car or perhaps the rolling chairs you use at your job have probably all been coated with a version of industrial powder coating to stop damage from corrosion, moisture, heat and a variety of harsh environments.

Specialized Equipment
The military, emergency services teams and car mechanics all make use of equipment or tools that were probably sprayed with plastisol coating to provide a softer grip and also offer impact, abrasion and corrosion protection.

Trains, Planes, Automobiles
Grip bars on buses offer a secure grip, due to a variety of industrial coating products. Most parts are fluid-dipped or sprayed, to provide attractive coloring and extreme resistance to wear and tear.

Food Prep
Your favorite pans are likely coated with a food grade Teflon coating to keep food from getting stuck on. But, don't forget the baskets in your dishwasher or the soft grips on your cookware, knives or spatulas for additional examples of industry coating in action.

Most coating is added at manufacturing plants throughout the country. But, yet you'll find more than a few plants that specialize in powder coating throughout NJ.

Now when you use a pair of pliers, your trusty screwdriver or the soft grip of that grab bar on the bus, be sure to thank technology for the industrial coating industry and all the ways they make life safer and more comfortable.