How do I ship a mattress across country?

Ship as FreightShipping your mattress as freight is one option. Freight shipping involves the freight being loaded and unloaded several times during shipment, which is best for sturdy or unbreakable objects. Crate the mattress in a wooden box. Label your box and secure it to a wooden pallet. Freight shipping is usually more affordable than standard shipping.

Hire a MoverHire a mover if you have other heavy objects to ship as well, or if you are physically unable to lift or pack your heavier possessions. Compare the rates of local movers before you decide on one company. Insure your mattress before you move it.

Negotiate with Mattress DealerShipping can be done through the USPS or UPS but it will cost substantially more than shipping your mattress as freight. Check with the dealer where you bought your mattress for any tips or recommendations on how they move or ship mattresses. You may be able to negotiate with them to ship your mattress for an additional fee.

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