Protecting yourself with Sonitrol

Our technology sets us apart. The ability to verify an alarm event in real time gives Sonitrol unrivaled credibility with local law enforcement. That is a key advantage as a growing number of Listen to a real breakin municipalities pass Verified Response regulations requiring verification that an intrusion is actually taking place before police will dispatch personnel to the site.

Sonitrol has the best apprehension rate in the industry - and the fewest dispatches for false alarms. And our integrated components allow us to customize a solution that can expand easily as your needs grow.

The Leader of NY Security Companies is Providing Peace of Mind

Performance– If we miss the intrusion and the police are not notified, you get paid.
Satisfaction – If you're dissatisfied after three months, we'll remove the system at no cost to you.
Same-day service – We'll make repairs promptly – or pay for an overnight security guard.
False alarms – If we dispatch the police on a false alarm from our corporate security services, and you're fined, we'll cover the cost.

Verified response