POE: Minion Madness (Witch)


Solid meat wall

Engage mobs from off the screen

AI controlled spells seek out and swarm above targets for you.

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Can be quite squishy when mobs slip past your guards.

AI controlled spells make it tough to target priorities, and makes Vorici's quests virtually impossible.

Only so quite a few rage spirits can attack one mob at a time.


The idea of this build is to capitalize about the synergy between your minions and your auras. The a lot more minions you could field the more DPS you'll get out of your damage adding auras and vice versa.


Passive Tree

First priority is anything at all that adds minions or buff minions. There are actually jewels that do this too so don't neglect that option. Next you'll wish to take buffs to auras and skill duration. The latter will help with the two the duration of your spell totems and how long your rage spirits stay out attacking mobs. Avoid any passives that say "Increased spell damage" or something similar. I do not believe these apply to your summons. Don't take ancestral bond till you're ready for it. At earlier levels you'll do fine using the buff from wrath to boost your lightning spells that you fling around the battlefield.


So why use Ancestral Bond?

Minions do all the damage for you, so not getting able to deal damage on your very own isn't an issue.

You're perfectly capable of keeping max skeletons up manually but owning a spell totem cast them frees you up to do other things. Just fall 1 along which has a rage spirit totem at the edge of the screen when you're about to engage and let them do the work for you although you curse, flesh offering, and spam rage spirits into the fray. After your max number of skeletons are up it is possible to switch out to double rage spirit summoning spell totems to really flood the screen with them! Against major mobs that are continually killing most of your minions it's best to go with double skeleton totems to retain them busy and chip them down with your minion instability passive.



A 1h/shield combo with necromantic aegis opens up some interesting options. bloodmagic or eldritch battery may allow you to squeeze in additional auras. You can drop an aura in favor of increased area of effect. Often your minions will engage targets off screen and one aura is better than none. If you had to hold just a person I'd go with hatred.