is a real internet job or scam. please help?

Benjamin Harris was a maverick in the early days of journalism. He was not alone but he definitely stood out from the crowd.

While this review is going on I will not be able to send funds using my account and also will not be able to withdraw the funds but will be able to accept the funds.

Yours Sincerely,

Admin, MyPayingAds

PS: You can continue to request the withdrawals daily and they will be in pending until I start paying after the review is done.

. Please go to profile and change the payment processor and re-submit the withdrawal and i will process it soon. Some were of $5k, $2k etc in single transaction. Wish you all a great day ahead. Hence, Paypal sent me a questionnaire regarding reviewing the account.

Hope you all had a great weekend. If anyone wants to withdraw to Payza/STP, you can do so during this period.

As the MPA site is growing we had some bigger add funds too in the last two weeks.

Therefore, until this review is done, I will not be able to process the withdrawals to Paypal. Reply from them.

I woke up this morning to see a note from Paypal saying they want to review some of the recent transactions on my Paypal account because there have been some huge add funds in the recent past.

I suppose it is a routine process of Paypal and looking forward to pass through it smoothly.

I am currently working on preparing the replies and it will be done soon. I have a quick announcement to make. Otherwise, i will just keep the Paypal withdrawals in pending until this review is done and I will process them as soon as I get the clearance from Paypal

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