AION: Tips on how to acquire sufficient meals in your Aion pet

While I had been pursuing various one-way links during the last handful of days about hungry Aion animals, I found this intriguing article Blackbeard’s Guidebook to Collecting Trash. Initially, I used to be minor stunned through the title, but I feel Blackbeard’s thoughts and tips on how to effortlessly acquire ample food items for Aion hungry pets will be incredibly practical for everybody. as a top game products store, we can meet you with cheap aion kinah. we offer cheapest aion kinah with 15 minutes delivery.


Get with all your alts


The easiest way to feed any pet: get with all your lowbies. I suggest, the majority of people have more than one alt. Yeah, offering the trash to the seller will rake in straightforward kinah, however, if you would like to go ahead and take likelihood, it is there.


My major alt is definitely the one which has all of the “fortune” pets. So, when i level up a lowbie, I obtain all my trash drops, place them during the account/legion warehouse, get my primary and summon the pet, and just feed the pet till it spits out a fall.


Over the past weekend, functioning absolutely nothing but Kromede’s Demo and Haramel, I had been in the position to stock up on adequate trash to feed my pet for just a few of weeks. The Dukaki in Haramel fall cloth baggage and iron scraps. From just one run I generally have about 20-30 of each and every.


Don’t ignore about Poeta and Ishalgen. Your lowbies can stand around for hrs killing and help you save up plenty of drops to feed a fortune pet in one sitting.


But… if you are definitely interested in accumulating pet food, here’s a suggestion:

Get your legion concerned.


Should you tend to be the Brigade Basic, start a contest/promotion exactly where the greater trash your legion collects and stores in the legion warehouse (or give directly to you, this means you can depend the amount and give suitable credit on the proper man or woman), they are going to get one thing again being a reward. Probably some armor they might use, maybe a weapon. Probably even a dice roll on the random sum of kinah.


Heck, buy/make some green/blue/gold weapons and sell/trade them to the legion by providing specific particulars over the trash you want. Checklist different products you might have to trade based mostly over the amount/type of trash you desire.




(Every kind of thorns for just a dye generating pet)


Eco-friendly Armor/Weapons:

a hundred thorns = green armor/weapon, level 10-20

five hundred thorns = eco-friendly armor/weapon, stage 21-30

1000 thorns = inexperienced armor/weapon, level 31-40


Blue Armor/Weapons

five hundred thorns = blue armor/weapon, stage 25-35

a thousand thorns = blue armor/weapon, stage 36-45

2000 thorns = blue armor/weapon, degree 46-55


Gold Armor/Weapons

2500 thorns = gold armor/weapon, degree 25-35

5000 thorns = gold armor/weapon, degree 36-45

ten,000 thorns = gold armor/weapon, level 46-55


Absolutely sure, the prices might be adjusted to your flavor, but determine it by doing this: should your legion will be gathering trash drops anyway, 50 % in the perform is finished. Now it is your choice to really make it value their whilst for supplying it to you personally alternatively than vendoring it. I’m absolutely sure that you’ll see that, when presented using an selection of vendoring for very small bits of kinah or conserving up for something which they are going to Will need since they stage, I’m very positive that people will go soon after weapons and armor, due to the fact they’ll be able to help you save their personalized kinah for other items.


You may also use this technique being a way for trading semi-rare/rare armor and weapon skins. The more rare the pores and skin, the more trash it's going to value.


From the finish, everybody will have trash drops that other people should have a use for. It is your decision to locate what it’s value to you personally and also the persons you’re eager to carry out enterprise with.