Peltier Colleagues Breaking and Solving Instant Security

For the information security professional wireless networking may be thought of as a four-letter word to be avoided no matter what. Identify more about return to site by going to our rousing site. Regardless of the security implication wireless network can offer cost effectiveness, and due to that wireless systems are here to stay. While many within the profession think that wireless networks can be easily sacrificed, this type will show how the appropriate wireless structure with all the appropriate security settings can make your wireless network as secure as another distant entry point into your network. Visit to explore how to see about this thing.

In this three-day, wireless protection workshop, we will study the cutting edge of wireless technologies. Discover more on contact straight talk reviews by going to our pictorial site. The purpose of the course is to give you a full understanding of what wireless (802.11) net-works are, how they perform, how people find them and exploit them, and how they can be attached. This hands-on course is based on real world cases, alternatives, and deployments. I found out about by searching Google Books. Within this course we shall use wireless networks and actually set up, determine the equipment to discover wireless networks, and also have a look at how exactly to defeat the attempts to secure wireless networks.

Course Completion

Upon the conclusion of our CISM course, students will have:

Constructed a radio network architecture

Install and configure 802.1x authentication using Microsoft Win-dows IAS and Server 2000

Put in a wireless access point

Separate between 802.11x requirements

Defeat Wired Equivalent Privacy

Important Just take Aways:

An understanding of wireless systems

A CD of common tools and documentation

An ability to look the web for more information and revisions on wireless networks

Detail needless To Say Content These topics will be covered:

Wireless Record

Radio Frequency (RF) Basics

WLAN Structure

802.11 Network Architecture

802.1X Authentication

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP )/( LEAP )/( PEAP)

Discovery Systems

WLAN Finding Methods


Wireless Sniffers

Mainstream Recognition


Discovering WLANs

Acquiring WLANs

Other Instant Choices

Legal Issues including GLBA and ISO-17799