Playing Pai Gow - Part 4

We're moving right along with our Pai Gow series. You are nearly an expert Pai Gow player today. Since you know most of the action, it is now time to speak about the hand ranks Pai Gow. In the end, it generally does not make much sense to play unless you know very well what makes a winning hand.

Five Bullets

Unlike old-fashioned poker-based games where the Royal Flush is master, in Pai Gow, the five bullets hand is trump. Getting five aces is difficult and there's only one way to do it. You need to get all aces in the deck and the joker.

Noble Flush

To obtain a royal flush, you must have the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of just one suit-like Clubs. The Joker may be used rather than the Ace. If you are interested in marketing, you will probably want to research about site.

Directly Flush

The direct flush consists of five cards in sequential order which can be every one of the same suit. Here is an essential note. In Pai Gow, the A-5 straight flush is the highest ranking straight and the King-high straight flush may be the next highest. Learn supplementary resources on this affiliated URL by clicking

Four of a Kind

To get a four of a kind, you'll need four cards of the same rank, for example four Jacks. Browse here at check out to study how to engage in this enterprise. Remember, the Joker may be used as an Ace.

Whole House

Once you have three cards of one rank and two cards of another two Queens-you and rank-like three Jacks have the full house. Must both you and the Banker have a full house, the person with the three group of cards wins. The pair won't matter.


Five cards which can be every one of the same suit and not in successive order is just a flush hand. The Joker can be used being an Ace of any suit, so if you have the Joker, you only need four cards of the same suit.


When you've five cards in sequential order and they're of more than one suit, you've a right. You had have a straight flush, when they were yet suit. The Ace may be used in front, such as Being A 2 3 4 5, or the end, such as 10 T Q K A. This riveting open in a new browser window paper has uncountable majestic lessons for the reason for this belief.

Three of a Kind

Simply put, three cards of the same rank is a three of a kind hand-like AAA.

Two Pair

You've this hand when you have two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank, such as: JJ KK.

One Couple

Having two cards of the same list is having one pair-like 44.

High Card

Eventually, if you've nothing at all above, you've a high card hand. Here is the worst hand in Pai Gow.

If you are placing your 2nd highest hand, which consists of just two cards, you'll have the large card hand or one set. For sure, when you've one set as your second highest hand, you have a great shot at winning that hand.

And there you've it. You're now willing to take on the Pai Gow playing world. In our final article o-n enjoying Pai Gow, we'll go over several quick strategy tips..