So now the problem of static hair is resolved,

So now the problem of static hair is resolved, you want to wear that cute winter hat. You're so proud that he is a perfect match with your coat and scarf and, let's be honest, how great you look. At least till you walk in and it sales. Because what you discover now? A ridge is in your hair, as you sometimes see in rock formations, and there you will not get off so easily. So let's go fix this problem still without you need a completely new model.

 Apex Hair Vitality

The most drastic way to get rid of so-called guard hair is easily head shave. "What is it now again for the tip!" You may think. Do not worry, not everyone looks good as GI Jane. So we'll have to come up with another solution. Get your ontklittingsspray or conditioner spray forth and spray it lightly on your hair. Work your hands gently through your curls and knead strokes to erase the line. Another trick is to atomize your hair and dry with a paddle brush, lightly brush the front of your cap design. Be quite sure that you cap is dry when you do this.