If you already have an established network of active League of Legends and/or CounterStrike players, or you are planning on building a network of LOL and CS players, being a Yamzu affiliate is a great way to earn money using that network. Not only do you get to do what you love (play video games), you can actually earn money bringing other people to Yamzu to do what they love, too.

The Yamzu affiliate program is fairly simple and allows you take advantage of the group of friends or followers you already have, no matter how small or how large it is. For those that want to set up and even participate in a match or tournament, Yamzu makes this process really easy. All you have to do is create the match or tournament, and then market that match or tournament to your network, using your affiliate link. When users click on and sign up using that link, in order to play a match/tournament, you get paid real money.

For those that are very involved in Yamzu, this opens up two avenues of revenue. Not only can you earn money by winning games, you can earn money by marketing Yamzu to other players. Unlike other affiliate programs that might ask you to push services or products on your network that you know they won't really be interested in, Yamzu asks you to simply tell your network of gamers about a platform that in a very real way, benefits gamers. You are able to bring new people to a platform that you genuinely love to use and genuinely benefits the gaming community when you become a Yamzu affiliate.

While Yamzu only supports LOL and CS right now, we are planning to add many more games. Many of those dedicated fans would love to learn that they can actually earn money by playing a for-pay match or tournament event using the Yamzu platform.

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