Results from the sustainability jam sessions at GIN On

4. Results from the sustainability jam sessions at GIN2012
On the other hand, using the GIN conference as a platform most likely increased the Cy3 NHS ester of the participants (both geographically and by experience). Attracting highly qualified participants from a large number of countries just for regional jam sessions would be very difficult. This diversity is also one of the strengths of the SJS and relates to the important condition of Skill mentioned by Eisenberg (1990). Further elaborating on the four conditions of successful jams (Skill, Structure, Setting, and Surrender; ibid) Structure was dealt with by the detailed planning of the SJS's and the outspoken role of the moderators and hosts. The technical visits and leaving the conference venue further aimed to break the normal patterns of a conference and create the right Setting for the jam sessions. Finally, the technical visits and inspirational talks by invited speakers and host aimed to generate an open atmosphere to facilitate the Surrender of control.