Chen et nbsp al apply fuzzy set theory accompanied

4.2. Multi-criteria decision-making – integrated methodology approach
From the review, it KN-62 has been found that only eight papers (22.2%) used integrated approaches (summarized in Appendix 1).
Humphreys et?al., 2003a and Humphreys et?al., 2003b implemented a Knowledge Based System using Case Based Reasoning. This approach integrates the environmental criteria into the green supplier selection process and provides the guidelines for purchasing managers to select suppliers from an environmental point of view.
Li and Zhao (2009) used a threshold method and grey correlation analysis for the assessment of an index system for the supplier of vehicle components. They use AHP to determine weight of factors for the comprehensive assessment. The grey relational analysis evaluates the correlation between the factors.
Yan (2009) proposed an integrated approach adopting a sieve tube members genetic algorithm and AHP to achieve green supplier optimization evaluation and selection. The author introduces a genetic algorithm combined with current weights of a supplier to dynamically adjust weights determined from AHP. The supplier evaluation indicators become more evident and optimized, while the system can dynamically adjust over time for a better supplier evaluation indicator.